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Why Get a Handicap Bathtub?

This article is about a handicap bathtubs, its advantages and main features

Since safety features should not only be found in a handicap bath tub, designing the bathing area in such a way that helpful features are also used for general purposes will avoid stigmatizing a person with disability. Making use of universal features not only ensures safety and efficiency but makes everything look normal even when caring for people who have certain limitations in movement.

Getting a handicap bathtub would lessen the hassles in everyday hygiene. It is designed for ease and safety. A number of things need to be considered when you are taking care of somebody with physical disabilities. One of the greatest difficulties is bathing. Handicap bathtubs are designed specifically for use of people with limited movement.

A handicap bath tub may not contribute largely to the psychological well being of a person with disability. It stigmatizes users and is not that manageable especially for homes with large families. A good alternative is to choose utilities that show a universal design.

Bathrooms with the universal design are wise choices for replacing handicap bathtubs. It has the following qualities:

It promotes equitable use
Unlike handicap bath tubs a bathroom with a universal design provides equivalent means for people who are handicapped and are suitable for use of people without impairment. The design avoids stigmatizing the user with obvious utilities and features specifically designed to solve difficulty in movement.

It is cost efficient
Having separate utilities for a family member who has disability can be expensive. To top this, the process of segregation may not only be space consuming but irritating at times. Most handicap bathtubs have designs that need regular maintenance. A universal design solves this problem in such a way that there is no need for a separate place or utility to care for a person with disability.

It minimizes hazards
The design works in such a way that it tolerates errors and reduces the need for extra movement. Safety is given emphasis while not showing portions of a bathing place for a specific use. Unlike handicap bath tubs, a universal design will make use of different features that appeal to instincts and will not make it obvious that a certain function is used for the care of people with disability.

It requires low physical effort
The design allows a user to maintain a neutral position when bathing or doing other rituals in the bathroom. It minimizes repetitive action and sustained physical effort. The use only requires reasonable operating forces to manipulate any feature. What is usually seen in handicap bathtubs would just be an added feature in universal designs and will promote safety and ease of use.

In conclusion, the use of handicap bathtubs has its benefits but the limitations will not be accentuated in any way with the installation of bathroom designs that are universal. You will be able to care for an individual with physical disability without much cost. Additional space and segregation will also be avoided.